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We've unified the submissions into one easy-to-use dashboard. is the ultimate resource for music promotion.

Our platform allows music fans, curators, and professionals to discover new music, connect, share their favorite tunes, and find out about cool events all over the world. We are looking forward to receiving your upcoming release :)

How It Works

1- Signup >>> 2-Submit your Release >>> 3- Choose your exposure options

We work to benefit artists!

It doesn't matter if you are just starting and sending demos or if your work is already established and ready to be shown, we are here to help. Generally, your submissions will be evaluated within 48 hours of submission.

You will be able to stay on top of industry trends by getting exposure through curators, blogs, journalists, and other professionals.


2. Second Submit your release whether old or new, song, album, or Ep. After Submitting your song will be pending for approval by our team specialists.

3. Finally after you are approved you have 2 types of exposure options.

Option one

• After activating your 45 day campaign where your release will be placed on the dashboard, we will handle and take care of everything for you!

• You will receive free placements from non verified curators on their playlists and social media pages.

• You will also receive offers from verified curators for placements on Blogs, social media pages, playlists.

We have 4 campaign types:





Option two

You will be able to select manually from our wide range of verified curators and content creators for a service they provide (social media/ blog post/ playlist addition/ review...)

The submission fee starts from 2 USC depending on the level of exposure they provide, where the curator can accept your submission and offer you their services for their assigned price. Or reject your submission and provide the reason for their rejection and possible improvements for the artist.

If the curators reject your submission without providing their reason, you will be refunded the submission fee.

The Curator has 12 days to accept or reject your submission, if no decision was taken by the end of the 12 days you will also be refunded.

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Verified Pro's / Curators is an easy-to-use service that allows you to share, promote, and sell your music online, while also connecting you with a variety of music industry experts.

Accurate Targeting

With our data-driven insights, You’ll know who to submit your music to based on your genre, budget, and more. We even provide you with an “Accuracy Score” so you can be confident that your music has been sent to the right curators.

Flexible Schedule

Post-launch? you can easily manage your releases on UpcomingSounds. Schedule them in advance, submit your Demo, Unreleased, or a mastered track already in stores. You can send your masterpiece anytime whether you need some advice, help or you're ready to share it globally. Our curators are used to keeping your song secret until it's ready to be shared with the world.

No hidden fees

You have full control over your spending budget. You decide how much to spend on each campaign. There's even an option for free submissions. They're sharing your song because they are passionate about music, not because you're paying them.

Direct Contact

No emailing is required. Our Dashboard grants you direct communication with curators and professionals. You'll be able to send them your songs and read their reviews on your UpcomingSounds Dashboard.

Fast customer support

We are a small start-up that knows how important customer service is. We're quick when it comes to answering questions, You will be able to receive your answer within 24 hours if you are stuck somewhere.

For Artist reprasentitve / Managers / Lebales

We have created a multi-artist managing profile to help you easily access the dashboard for multiple artists with no extra fees.